Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Success Is Not By Struggling

This whole wide world is a mystery of some sort. When I was growing up as a young man, I always wondered about this world and many questions in my heart begging for answers. For instance, I have seen very brilliant students going out of school with high hopes but these have ended up in life as big failures. They succeeded in school but failed in life, I did not understand why; I did not understand that you can solve mathematical problems but may not be able to solve the problems of life. There are so many things on earth that defiles logic and common sense thinking, weak people become rich while strong and agile people become poor, I could not understand it. Why should some people struggle endlessly till death and still leave this world as objects of pity? It is because they do not understand the  mystery of problems.

In life the ball game is different from the traditional school setting. To overcome problems and win life's battles, you need to be very focused and know what you really want out of life. Those who succeed are those who are never tired of trying, they are not afraid of making mistakes, they are not afraid of taking risk. These are the ones that succeed.

Each time I saw another person speaking, I wondered that the other person is like me, he can see, hear, talk, all in his own peculiar way that is different from mine. This implies that neither of us is better than the other, yet with the passage of time, one person will excel and another will go down in defeat and shame, why is life so full of mysterious happenings and unexplainable experiences? It is because people who fail to overcome life's difficulties do not know the mystery of problems that this website sets out to explain clearly.

As I need happiness and joy, so do the other person; This truth really kept me from ever wanting to hurt any as I always put myself into their shoes in my own imagination. The air we breath in that sustain our lives is a mystery, nobody can see the air but we all feel it and it is one of the crucial thing that keeps all living beings here on planet earth. This mystery is even more worrisome that those things we cannot see are the things that really matter in our lives. We can see the electric wire but nobody can see the electricity flowing inside it, this unseen power (electricity) has brought more development to our world more than any other thing on planet earth. This confirms the truth that the unseen forces are much more powerful and controls us more than the seeing forces on earth.

Success comes to those who understand the underlining secrets of life. Those who knows the unseen forces and are bold enough to use it to their productive advantage with little or no effort on their own part. it is not the smartest, the fastest, the most brilliant that excel, it is those who understand this mystery.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Success: How Youtube Can Make You Successful

Dear Reader, I welcome you to Triggers For Success, a place where I show people those things that can make them successful in life. In this write up, I want to show you how to make a success from the youtube phenomenon.

Youtube is a place where you get free videos to watch, there are free videos from every department of life. there are videos that educates, some are entertaining, some are motivational, some are scientific, some are aimed at developing the business acumen in people. Everyday millions of new videos are uploaded, and you will get helpful videos on any subject matter that you are looking for on youtube. In fact, youtube is said ti be the largest video website on planet earth and if you look closely at the way youtube operates, you will not wonder for long why youtube is the largest video company on earth.

Viewers love youtube because of the flexibility and availability of different kinds of video on all subject matters, and for the fact that most of these video are free. On the other hand, video makers love youtube because they get reward for their labour. Any video uploaded to youtube is potentially available every where in the world. A video can go viral in just a few months of uploading it to their platform, and millions of viewers around the world will be watching the video every day. I uploaded a video and got more than one thousand views in two days, it went viral and now has more than one hundred and twenty thousand views in less than three months, making me more than $200 during the period.

Video makers love youtube because of the fairness of their policies and the opportunity to promote their brand through the platform. Since youtube is owned by Google which is the largest search engine in the world, this gives it more power and popularity in search engine result. haven said that, how can you begin to make money through the platform that youtube provides?

There are many ways to make money and be successful with the platform. The first way is to upload your videos, have a good descriptive words on what the video is all about, put in tags that will help search engines to crawl the video to those looking for information which you have provided in the video. The more people get to know your video and the valuable information contained therein, the more exposure you give to your business and the more successful you become. In the video, you must put an actionable instruction for your viewers to do what you want them to do. Either to subscribe to your newsletter, visit your website, buy something you are selling, or attend a programme you are planning. Youtube has helped many businesses in this regard.

Another way to get money from this platform is to upload videos and monetize same through google adsense. In this way, advertisements will be inserted into your videos, when viewers watch these adverts, certain percentage of the cost will be paid to you as often as people watch adverts on your videos. This is a good way of making money, you produce your video one and for all, upload it to youtube, monetize it and begin to expect money every moth. The videos you upload must be your original work or a video you have copyright to use otherwise you will be penalized by them. I love the adsence method of making money from youtube because it is very easy to flow with my schedule. I dont need to maintain a list, I dont need to sell anything, just upload and keep uploading to get more money on monthly basis.

Watch our for more write-ups about making money from youtube.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Where The Power Of Man Is Generated

Much like the electric generator that generates electricity, the mind of man generates the power in man that he needs to succeed in everything. Man's power comes from his heart as he thinks, his success (and or) failure depends on how he thinks and what he thinks about. In this write up, I want to impress on your mind this eternal truth that your though is what makes you what you are right now.

Everything a man make with his hand was first made in his heart by thinking thoroughly about it. The house must be first sketched on paper before construction can begin, the modern cars are planned and drawn on paper before the manufacturing commences. Any successful enterprise engaged by man must necessarily start as a though form. Nothing exist in this world but that it first existed in a man's thought. The cars, beautiful houses, cities, airplanes, trains, phones, and every single thing you see all around you was first created in a man's mind in thought form. Nothing can be created if it was not created in man as a thought.

Thought is the major raw material by which any success is built. Thought is more potent than appearance or reality, whatever thought you hold firmly in your heart have the potential of becoming reality irrespective of the present appearance. It is very easy to think along the realities or appearance, when there is no money in your pocket, it is easy to think of all the consequences of lack of money. Naturally, it is easy to think, "I do not have money now, so I will not be able to pay my rent, there is no way I can pay my children's school fees, in fact, I am doomed". The lack of money is a reality, it is the
appearance which cannot be denied, but I am proving to you that this reality is not as powerful as what you can do with your thought.

God gives you the power and the ability to change your reality through the way you think about it. Your reality can be sustained or changed and the power to do it is in your mind by thinking what you want to think and not the present appearance. When you focus on the present reality, you will die in abject poverty. On the other hand, when you think against your present reality of lack and ill health, and think about riches, wealth and good health steadily and consistently, your reality will change to the way you think. This is the reason the Bible says. "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he" see Proverbs 23:7.

The thought of man is so powerful that no matter how poor you may appear to be right now, if you will stop thinking about your predicament and start thinking about your desire for wealth, things will begin to change. Don't think poverty or its effect, think wealth and what you can benefit from it. When you begin to think wealth, your reality will make you to feel that you are stupid, but if you keep at thinking wealth, it will get to a time when you will begin to feel wealthy, just at this time, the ideas of what to do to
make wealth will begin to come. The people and events will begin to help you to get the wealth you see in your thought.

I don't care how sick you are, if you stop concentrating on the present reality of sickness and start thinking and seeing yourself in your thought that you are well, you will be healthy in due time. I understand that the most difficult thing in the world is to think what you want in the face of the present reality and appearance. But I tell you, it is possible to think what you want to think in the presence of reality; you can think health
steadily, you just need to do it.

To think wealth in the presence of the reality of poverty is real power, and to think health when you are seriously sick is great power. This power is in every man, but not every man exercise this power. The question is, will you? If you do take up this challenge and begin to think what you want instead of what your reality is dictating, you will become powerful and recognized in your world. You will be respected, honored and served by men, they will see you as a leader and follow your way. When you think along with your reality of poverty and sickness, you are weak and will eventually end up being a servant of those who use their thoughts to produce what they want or desire.

Your thought is your power that can get you whatever you want in this world. This is the reason you see some from the poorest of the poor families on planet earth rising to become one of the richest people of all time. Remember this, what you think about in your heart is more important and powerful than your present reality. A wise man who understands this gives attention and his time to his thoughts more than his reality. If your reality is poverty and sickness, you can't deny it but you can choose not to focus on it; choose not to think about it; and choose not to talk about it. A strong man does not deny his reality but changes those reality by the way he thinks, talks and reacts to such reality.

Our minds and hearts are empowered with thoughts that shapes our destinies. Every thought held in our hearts have the ability to produce after its kin

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

How I began To Make Money From Youtube

I remember that I stumbled on YouTube by mistake in year 2009, precisely 28th of March. I bought this new computer with a webcam and after playing with some mock recordings of my preaching of 2.48 minutes, there was an option to upload it to YouTube. Wow! YouTube? What is YouTube for God's sake? Okay, let me upload to this YouTube whatever it is, let me see what will come out of this upload. I uploaded my first video it took almost forever before the upload was finalized and I was told my video is now online on YouTube. I checked YouTube, saw my video life and real online, I decided to record another message, uploaded it the same day and promptly, it was uploaded. Wow! Was I dreaming? I have a gateway to preach to the world through YouTube.

I forgot all about it until the 8th of April of the same year when I recorded with my laptop and uploaded other videos. I was surprise when in 2011, a friend called from the United States telling me he watched my videos on YouTube. My Videos? So this is real, I went back to YouTube uploaded some more videos. Surprisingly in 2012, Someone called me from London telling me she watched my YouTube video and was blessed and now she was sending me a token of ten thousand naira to support the ministry. Really? This can't be true, you mean the videos I created like joke, what I did trying to just play away the time, somebody is sending ten thousand Naira (Nigeria Money) to appreciate what was not articulated or planned.

I said to myself, if someone can appreciate an unplanned message on YouTube and send me ten thousand naira unsolicited, what will happen if I give it my time and attention? There and then I recorded some twelve to fifteen messages and uploaded them in the days following. three months later, a man and his wife had watched my message on YouTube titled, "Impossibility Doesn't Exist".
They were blessed and believed God for a child, the wife believed in God and got pregnant, they called me to share the testimony and as a sign of appreciation, they were sending an amount equivalent to N50,000 that same day, just to support the ministry. Was I dreaming? You mean this YouTube is this powerful? I was excited not just because of N50,000 but because of the possibilities in using YouTube. I kept on uploading, after uploading a total of about 40 videos, all preaching Jesus and encouraging people to stand fast in the Lord, I got fed up again.

December 2015, I became so broke, I was praying and thinking on how to generate finances to support my children's school and all other expenses. I sat in front of my computer typing the prayer bulletin for the next Sunday dated 20th of December, 2015 when suddenly something said, you can generate money with your YouTube channel. What? How on earth can I do that? I have uploaded more than 40 videos, the total views in six years was just about 1,000, how can I make steady money with that? I followed my heart, did some research and found out that I had been really missing real cool money with my YouTube channel. I had the pot of gold on my hands mut did not know how to get the gold out of the pot.

First I discovered that I can make money with my YouTube channel with or without filming, recording anything and uploading any videos from my own effort. Wow! this is insane, its impossible! But, look here, its true, its real, I can get videos without recording mine, use those videos and remix them on the YouTube editor platform and upload them from YouTube achive to my channel and have them become my own intellectual property provided I follow all the rules. These remixed videos are mine and if done properly according to rule, they can begin to work for me and earn real cool money for me on a daily basis.

I decided to test it out, I remixed my first video, then another, then another and so on. The result, I had remixed seven videos in three days and surprise came, my views increased drastically from just about 1,000 plus view to more than 3,000 plus view in seven days of my new discovery. Listen to this, for six years, I had 1,000 views on 40 videos, but in seven days, I had 3,000 plus views on seven remixed videos with those other 40 earlier mentioned. wow! This is incredible, I had stumbled on gold, I had discovered a secret to YouTube wealth, I am now to keep duplicating the same process and sure enough, I will begin to smile to the bank as I collect Google check every month.

Prior to December 18th 2015, I never knew that you could monetize your videos on YouTube. I decided to monetize all my videos and by the 31st of January, I had made $58 and by the time of writing, My AdSense earning had jumped to $240 as of 25th of February 2016. You too can begin to earn if you can take time to do it now

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Getting A Good Job

One day, I was traveling from Lagos, Nigeria, to Johannesburg, South Africa,
and somebody pulled my jacket from behind and greeted me. Wow! I could not
believe my eyes, It was a man that used to come to my office to beg for
money, always complaining that there is no job to do. He had been looking for
job but did not succeed. I told him one day, there is job everywhere only
that you have not seen it. I told him to take his eyes away from getting a
salary job, but concentrate his thought on how to meet a human need. He
heeded that advise and started selling scraps, now, he is so rich. He was on
his way to London for a two weeks holiday when I saw him.

This world is so big and full of resources that no man on earth can do
everything he needs to make his life good and comfortable without needing
inputs from others. Division of labour is a system that has helped this world
to develop tremendously in the last two hundred years. It is very easy for
anybody to succeed in our world today because all you need is to master an
art, and as long as this art is going to add something of value to another
human being, then, you are going to be successful. Succeeding greatly in life
does not demand that you know everything, It only demand that you know
something, and since the saying is true that no knowledge is wasted, you will
always find something good to do with what you know.

Today, in this world, people respect you and pay you for what you know and
can make available to help them. The problems plaguing people in the world
today are so numerous that if what you know can help meet a human need,
people will be looking for you with money in their hands. When people say
that there is no job, I know it is true, but if people can just wait and
think, then they will discover a need, and if they can fill that need, they
get a job. Working for a corporation is very good and brings good income for
the staff, but everybody will not and cannot work for the multinational

The best sources of income is not working for multinational companies. If you
really want a good job, you have to start by thinking, studying your
environment, studying people so as to see a need. When you discover a need,
the next thing is to plan to meet that need. The art of planning to meet that
need is a job that can turn your life around and make you a millionaire in a
few years time. The problem of rat invasion in our homes have made

millionaires out of so many people. 

Monday, 22 August 2016

Solving the Problem of Getting a Job

Most of the problems plaguing man today on this planet is related to monetary issues. Problems becomes easier to manage when we have money to spend. When there is money, your children can go to the best schools in the world, you will be able to afford the best medical facilities for your family. Money is nothing but the reward we get for services or products rendered. Money is the accepted general legal tender for the purchasing of goods and services. This implies that money will come to you when you have a product or a service to render to people.

The easiest way to render your service in exchange for a good monetary reward is for you to get a regular paying job. Today, the job market is saturated and some people in all the countries of the world are complaining about the inability of the government to provide jobs for all those who want jobs. To this end, getting a job is now the survival of the fittest.
The world is developing and now to get a good job, you need to learn the skill of applying for job. There are many people out there who are also looking for the same job you are looking for, hence you need an hedge, an added advantage to beat them to it so that you can get the job. It is not always the most intelligent that gets the job, but the smartest who understand the skill of writing attention grabbing application letter and a very convincing resume. Times have changed and you cannot afford to use the same style that was used in the 1980's of in the 1990's. Today's job interviewers are looking for the bold and smart employees, they are looking for the motivated and the excited emplyees. Hence I suggest to you dear reader to get the services of competent professionals who will teach you the art of writing a selling resume.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Inventing The Money Machine

Money has changed the way people live on planet earth. there are different definitions and perceptions about money by different people all around the world. In fact money is the secret reason for most of the actions of the children of men in the land of the living, What is money? It is the acceptable medium of exchange. We have to remember that money had not always existed on planet earth, we (humans) came to agree to accept money as the legal tender for purchase of goods and services, an arrangement that was perceived to be better than the trade by batter which was in common use. Indeed, the use of money has eased the way we do business, simplified our lifestyles, encouraged division of labour and increased professionalism.

Let us flash back to the point in time in the history of mankind on planet earth, at that time when money had not been discovered and accepted as the legal tender and means of doing business. Life was difficult and stressful

as people will have to carry their goods and services to other places where exchanges would be made. Lets take a typical real life example of you producing vegeatable oil and you need some textile or clothes but since nobody in your locality deals in textile materials, you will have to carry your goods to that town where you can get textile materials and remember that there was no modern means of transportation. You can imagine how tedious the transaction would be at that time.

When money came, it introduced a lot of ease and convenience to the daily businesses, people began to get richer with little effort, although there were very wealthy people on earth even before the advent of money, with the introduction of money, people started advancing in a very special way. When you consider the fact that the volume of money people earn determines their lifestyles you will understand why this have caused so many people to go the extra mile to earn more money, some legitimately and others illegally. There is one important aspect of money I want you to understand and it is this fact that money is nothing but the value we attach to it, it is also the reward we get for our products and services. This implies that the more product or servces you are willing and able to give to people, the more money you are likely to make on planet earth. the more money you make, the better the quality of life you will lead, money determines how we live on planet earth these days.

The above point is so important that I can tell you that you should not dream or desire to get money until you are ready to give something of value in return. Any attempt to make money or earn more money without the corresponding action of planning to offer something of value to the society or humanity in general will lead to catastrophy which will lead you to either jail or untimely death. My advise is straight forward, don't even think of money without thinking of what you can do to help others or about a problem you can help solve or about a product or service you are willing and glad to render to people. Money acquisition is so easy and can begin now if you have something of value to contribute to humanity. This is one of the major reasons some people who are crazy about money can never be rich in their life time, they want money but are not ready to give it what it takes.

The starting point should be to have a clear cut goal about the kind of life you would want in future, the income level that will be convenient for you. Lets take for instance that you will want to earn about $1000 a week, then the next plan is to think of the services you are willing to render to earn that kind of money in a week, note that your services must solve a human problem or satisfy a human yearning or desire. The next thing is to think of how you can be earning your weekly income on auto pilot, meaning that you have a system that generates money for you night and day without stop. This system generates money for you even when you are sleeping, discovering this system will be the starting point of your journey into wealth.

The truth is that some people can never be rich because they do not have what we call financial intelligence. Riches does not answer to brilliance or intelligent quotient, it does not also answer to been good or spiritual, wealth does not regard the color of your skin or the people you know. It will simply run away from you except you understand in clear terms how to woo it to your life. The good thing about it is that it is not partial hence we have seen able bodied young handsome men serving under the business leadership of weak and bodily handicapped men and women. We have seen servants rise to fame and great prosperity that is known and respected everywhere, and some children of the very rich people dying in abject poverty. Money answers to anyone who understands how to woo it and direct it to good and more productive purposes.

The purpose of this write-up is to motivate you to invent a money machine that will spin money both into your hands and bank account every now and then or why should you settle for less if you can have more with the same effort only adding some smartness and tact with honest intention to help solve other people's problems. The money machine is any system that will work for you both online and offline making more money for you while you are sleeping, it is what I have discoverd that makes my life thick ever since. As you keep visiting you will discover some of these money machines that I am writing about in this article, some of which you can find out by searching some of my earlier posts on this blog.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

The Money Inside You

Money is very important in our day to day activities in this life, almost everything we do involves the use of money in one way or the other. There seem to be nothing that can be done in this present world without using money. If you look well and consider the system of this world you will find my claim to be really true. If you have a child in school, you need to spend money to help that child understand and learn in this modern, highly technical world.

The issue of money has brought a lot of changes into the way life is lived on planet earth. In many developing countries of the world, many unspeakable things are daily happening because of people's desperate need and quest for more money without been ready to do legitimate work to earn the money they so desperately desire to have. Can you imagine a father who is ready to sacrifice or use his only son for rituals that will be producing money in a diabolical manner? In the third world, we have seen and heard about cases of husbands using their wives for money rituals and vice-versa, mother using her child, brother or sister using his or her siblings for ritual to get wealth without any rigors.

Yes, this is true because there are some spiritualists who claim that they can use things and especially human beings to do money rituals and people are doing it. No wonder, the Bible says that, "The love of money is the root of all evil". Looking seriously at this biblical statement, one cannot but see the truth that the LOVE of money has driven many people to different kinds of unimaginable crimes. I want to submit in this write-up that money is not evil neither is it wrong to desire to amass wealth if you intend to go about it the very right way. What is basically wrong is the craze to want to get it at ALL cost, the will to want to do just anything to get it no matter whose ox is gored. This malady must not be allowed to continue among human beings

You can earn more money without going into any form of crime; you can amass wealth the honest way. Yes, it is true; you can become very rich doing the right things and helping people and making money in the process. The first thing you have to understand is that, the money you need begins from the inside of you. The money must first exist on the inside of you, you must first create it inside you, then the power to bring it to real life experience will be given to you by the divine. If you do not have it or create it inside of you first, then forget having it in real life, no matter how hard you work. What you are reading is really true, if you want to be wealthy, then it must start from the inside of you, then you will be given the power to get wealth which is the IDEA that will pump in money to your bank account but it all begins with having the money inside you.

The ideas that will be given to you by God to manifest the money inside you will not be the one that will hurt people or make anyone bitter but better. If you receive any idea to get money by any means that will hurt people, make them bitter or add to their sorrow, then it is a sign that the idea is not of God but from the devil, so drop it fast. Go about amassing your wealth with the fear of God; with hard work; with the intension to help other people become better and not bitter.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Is Anyone Disadvantaged From Getting Rich?

From my own experience of interacting with poor people, the complaint and excuse is always lack of opportunity or luck. Many poor people believe that riches and wealth is only a matter of luck, and those who are rich are only lucky to be so. Let me correct this idea that opportunity to be wealthy or rich is limited, no, the opportunity to be rich in this world is unlimited and open to all who are willing to exploit them. The opportunities are so limitless that anyone, male or female, black or white, from any race or ethnic origin can rise from the poorest of the poor to become one of the richest men on the face of the earth.

A look at the universe will show you the riches of God's creation, the vastness of the earth will confirm to you that there are too many opportunities yet untapped. The universe contains about one billion galaxies of stars. Each galaxy contains more than one billion stars, the sun to which the earth revolves belongs to the galaxy of stars called the Milky Way. This Milky Way galaxy is said to contain about one hundred billion stars, and the sun of our solar system is just one of the stars. There are mega stars, far bigger than the sun. This star we call the sun is having a solar system of which nine planets including the earth revolve, the earth is so tiny in size compared to the bigness of the sun. The sun is said to be more than a million times bigger than the earth. All these are in the universe created by God. Why did God create all these? To show man the vastness of resources and opportunities.

The earth which is so small compared to the sun is so big that it contains mountains and oceans and seas, and vast land with rich contents. The plants, animals and fish on earth continues to increase and multiply. Everything is on the increase, as man's population is increasing so are animals, fish, and plants. Knowledge to exploit and venture into production of agriculture and all other sectors of human needs are daily increasing and everyday, man is doing great things on the earth. The opportunities are increasing for everyone who can tap into it to become rich. Please note this, the opportunities are not decreasing but increasing everyday, and the floor is opening up for anyone who thinks he can. I know you can, that is why you are reading this. If one area of business is saturated, there are so many other areas that is waiting for people to step in and become as rich as they can ever imagine. No man is ever disadvantaged due to lack of opportunities or luck. Wealth is not a product of luck but a product of discovery.

Anyone who is bold to see these opportunities and tap into them will be rewarded with wealth. The good news is this, there is no limit to how much money you can make, whether you are young or old, male or female, weak or strong, handsome or urgly, bodily disabled or anyhow, you can amass wealth more than you can ever imagine. If you will believe and accept this theory then go ahead to discover your wealth through exploiting the opportunities open to you

When Money fails

To many people, money is everything. These people can do anything in other to
get money, they can kill, steal, tell lies, and do many unspeakable things like having sex with animals in the full glare of video camera. This they do knowing fully well that many people all over the world will be viewing their nefarious activities, they go ahead to do these things day in day out because of nothing but money.

Let me tell you something about money, it is the truth about it and that is, money does not answer all things. It is something that we use to exchange for goods and services rendered, and it is not bad, neither is it good. It is just something we agree to be using in our world to exchange for goods and services rendered. It is nothing as big as many of us are taking it as if all of life depends on it.

Do you know that money do fail? There are times money can not buy some
important things in our lives. For instance, money can not buy peace; money
can not buy love; money can not buy joy. When it comes to the issues of these
things mentioned earlier, money fails. I have seen many rich people fail in
their home life, some died lonely, some died unhappy despite the large sums
of money left after death. The truth now is this, should you look for money
by all means or at any cost? Should you go for the pursuance of money at the
expense of other people's life and conveniences?

Money is useful, and we all need it, and there is a wrong and right way to
look for money. It is my intention in this write-up to encourage readers to
shurn the act of looking for money to the extent of doing things that are not
in consonance with what God expect of you. There are a lot of things you or
anyone else can do to earn your living or make your money legitimately. We
have division of labour in this world so that everyone can concentrate on the
aspect of life they are gifted or good at. If music is your thing, then you
can capitalize on it to make more money, if you enjoy talking, you may earn
your money using that means, but in all you do, make your work count.

The truth about wealth is this, the more joy and satisfaction your goods or
service gives to the people, the more money you will go to bank with at the
end of the day. I learnt a lot of secrets about how to get rich from the
science of abundance life written by Wallance D Wattles. It is a series of
books combined which includes, The Science of Getting Rich, The Science of
Being Well and The Science of Being Great. These three books changed my
thinking and each of them has helped me become a better person. The three
books is combined together to form a single ebook of 241 pages, it is a life
changing ebook titled The Science of Abundant Life. You can get this ebook by
clicking this link

Making money is very easy for anybody including you if you follow the rules,
read some of my articles on money on this website, especially the one titled,
"The Mystery of Money" and you will understand better about the things

mentioned here.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

From Poverty To Prosperity

No matter how poor you are today, as long as you can follow the instructions in this write up, you will certainly transform from poverty to prosperity. Poverty is the state of lack of very essential material things of life that is daily needed to live a good and comfortable life. Poverty begins in the mind and when the state of mind has been iron clad to believe and receive poverty as a reality, the result is always lack of good things of life. A poor man spends more money than he earns and so he is almost always in debt. You see, debt is the hall mark of poverty, and until you have a plan of earning more money than you spend, you are poor.

In the same vein, prosperity is the possession of abundance of materials that are needed to live a good and comfortable life. It is the ability to earn more money without stress and multiply the money earned with the passing of every day. A prosperous man earn more money than he spends, no matter how lavishly he spends, his income grows exponentially. Prosperity is the ability to produce riches and wealth, and this ability is in every man that is living on the face of the earth including you that is reading this piece. You read that correctly, every man alive have the ability on the inside of him to produce wealth if he manage to know what to do and do it. What you need to do to produce wealth is what I set out to teach you in this write up.

Every living thing is giving the ability not only to survive but to always thrive and prosper. it is inborn in every living thing to want to survive, and increase, and this trait is calling for expression. Every animal know what to do to feed, protect, and even increase and elongate their lives. If plants and animals are so built not only to survive but to thrive, what of man that God made to subdue and dominate the whole earth? Man was created to subdue problems, and anything that stands on his way, and to also dominate his world. When God made man to rule his world, he gave him the wherewithal to do it, he gave him the power to rule.

The power given to man is located in his heart, as he thinks in his heart so he is. The power is in how you think. If you think you can, you will, and if you think you can't you will never, It is as simple as that. Listen, read carefully from this point on. Have you observed that those who prosper are not more intelligent, smarter, live in another world or more beautiful than others. Some are failures in school, some had to drop out of school because of the abject poverty prevailing in their parent's lives. Yet these ones came out to become the richest, they conquered many odds to become what they were. Seing that they were not smarter, they live in the same world as we all do, they even had to face more difficult childhood environment with no hope no help in site. They made it eventually, how did they do it?

All the people who prospered in life in any area or department have one thing in common. They all used their minds productively and constructively. Wealth is not in your beauty, where you live, the job you do, but in your heart, it is the inability to draw it out of your heart that enforces poverty. This is the reason you see wealthy people and poor people in every profession, you see wealthy and poor people in every nation, state, town and village. Wealth is not the exclusive right of any family or nation, it is available for anyone who can use his mind, and I guess you are one of them, that is why you are reading this. Wealth does not respect your look hence you see weak people becoming rich while strong and healthy people are poor, urgly people and physically disabled people are employing beautiful and handsome university graduates. Note also that wealth is not in your education, many uneducated people are richer than professors in the university. This tells you that whatever level or situation you are facing, you can break out and become successful.

If wealth is not in profession, a particular location and is not an exclusive right of any family, where then is wealth located? The answer is simple but true, wealth is located in every man's heart, and constructive thinking is needed to bring it out to reality. The good news is that every man can do it, but it now depends on you to do it or not. The wealth is there in your heart, all you need is to use constructive thinking to bring it out to reality and you are able to do this. Yes, you have the capacity to use constructive thinking to draw out the wealth in you to physical reality.

How do we draw out the embedded wealth in our hearts? By thinking continuously on the desired blessing until we see it clearly in our minds and feel it that we have it even though we are yet to touch it. This sounds simple, but friend, it is not easy to do it without discipline. If you can discipline yourself to do this every time, I assure you of success and great wealth, and it does not matter how old you are, it works. This is the most important secret of the wealthy people, it sounds simple, but if you can do it in the next six months, your level will surely change, that one is a guarantee.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Why You Need To Become Rich

Native home with Yapese money stones indicatin...
Native home with Yapese money stones indicating great wealth.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When they say "Money rules the world", I naturally agree with the statement to a large extent. Why is money rulling the world? it is simply because with more money you live better. Yes, you live better because you can afford anything you desire, meaning that life will become more comfortable. The first car I used was Volkswagen beetle, after that I used several types of cars, but when I bought the Mercedes Benz 230, the drive and feel is different. The more money you have, the more quality things you buy, the better enjoyment and the longer you enjoy those things. For example, a cheap shoe may last for six months to a year, but a quality and expensive shoe will last for years to come. This tells me that it is economically better to buy a very expensive shoe that will last me for years than a cheap one that will pack up in six month's time, that will mean buying new shoes every six months to one year.

With more money you can live longer because you will eat the best prescribed food, enjoy the best medical facilities available in the world. Yes, you can travel from your country to any country of your choice for medical check up. You see, except it is really your time to die, having more money will help you to live longer in a better state of health. This is the reason I am advising you not to join the train of people who condemns riches and wealth. I believe that those who are against wealth and riches are hypocrites, they secretly desire more money on the inside of them. They condemn riches because some have tried to get it but failed, some are afraid of taking the necesary risks and so felt incapable of becoming rich. The next action the resolve to take is to criticize the rich and the wealthy. You can never be rich when you condemn and criticize the rich people, if you have been arguing against riches, it is time for you to repent and change that poverty mentality, seriously.

How hard is it to become rich? I believe it is not too hard to make a lot of money in a honest and God fearing manner. Let me tell you, riches flow in abundance to any man who can help solve human problems. People all over the world have problems, stress, unanswered questions and concerns that needs urgent attention, these people are ready and willing to part with their money to anyone who can help them solve those problems. The first step to riches is to identify a human problem that you are capable of solving. This capability can be in form of talent, what you acquired through training or education, what you desire to do and learn more as you go along. The capability to solve human problem is always there in everyone that is born to this world, there is no human being that does not have something to offer as a solution to other people's problems.

How can I discover this capability in me? It comes majorly by observing yourself to discover what you naturally desire to do. If you love and desire to sing, dance, play football,or admire some stars in certain field and really love to be like one of them, it can be a signal to you. You may also want to observe yourself to see if you have natural talent to do anything without stress, if that thing can help another man, developing that talent can be the best thing you can ever do. Talents and deep desire are the major things that makes millionaires out of ordinary people. Any of the above (I mean talent or deep desire) can help you to acquire millions if you take it seriously and work at it from this very moment.

Do I have the power to get wealth? My answer is a straight yes. You have the power to get wealth, and that power comes from God. He has already given you the power, you need to know this and believe it firmly because many things will rise up that will make you to think you cannot do it. Your attitude always should be, I can do all things through Christ that gives me strength. You have the power to do anything that you really desire to do, you have talents, some may be hiding but you can search them out of you and develop them. Some of the powers inside you are hiding, some need to be developed as you work on yourself, but the truth is, you have power. Every man does.

Don't Do This If You Want To Succeed

Beyond Fear (album)
Beyond Fear (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you want to learn how to become successful in life the starting point is to first learn what you must never do if you really truly desire success in life. In this write up, I will give you at least five important things you must never do if you want your life to end up as a celebrated success.

Never allow other people to run your life for you:
Manage your life yourself; you are the only one in control, not your dad or mum, not your best friend. The implication of any serious mistake will only be burnt by you, so be wise. Do what you want and desire not what other people expect of you, never surrender to the dictates of second class people. Please remember this that you should never base your decision on what anybody expects of you. Be solidly in control of your life, of your own affairs. In the Bible, King Saul of Israel got into trouble when she listened to people’s opinion about not killing Agag the king of Amalekites, and sparing the good things of the land. God had earlier on commanded him to destroy everything in that city, but he allowed other people’s opinion to destroy his destiny. You should never fall into this trap.

Never blame other people for your bad luck or failure:
You are not a failure until you blame somebody else. When you take responsibility for your failure or mistake, you will be able to think intelligently how to amend the mistake. Never blame anybody when you fail, blame yourself and move ahead with better ideas, even when the other person have persuaded you to do something that has led you to failure, never blame that fellow. Those who take responsibility for what happened in their lives are the true leaders in their generations.
Many people blame their nation, government, parents, family background, wife or husbands, such people cannot go far in life, and they cannot achieve true success. Adam sinned against God and when apprehended began to blame his wife Eve, she also blamed the devil. Stop shifting the blame, start fixing the problems, in other words, don’t blame somebody, and provide solution instead.

Never think that you are inadequate:
You are not as bad as you may think you are; never think that you are not good enough to receive blessings. You are not inferior as the devil may want you to believe, you are as valuable as any other man in the history of this whole world, you are not here by accident, you were sent here for a very incredible powerful purpose. I want you to believe this with all your heart that the good and beautiful things of this world are not beyond your reach, you deserve to have the best too. You are as qualified to have the best in life as much as any other human being on the face of the earth, this is the truth, believe it. Never think that you are inadequate; never under-estimate your own intelligence, neither must you exaggerate other people’s.

Never allow fear to dominate any phase of your life:
In the first instance, never fear any man, the worst they can do is to kill you, and remember that you will die one day. Never fear death, many people are in bondage today because of the fear of death don’t do it. Why must you fear? It’s not worth it, because what you fear will end up happening to you at the hour unexpected. Do not fear to give something a trial in your life, never be afraid of investing your money wisely, and never allow fear to hold you from venturing into a worthwhile project. Behind every failure is a certain fear. Do the thing that you fear and fear will die in you, never surrender leadership to fear, conquer fear. Boldness is not the absence of fear; it is the ability to carry on inspite of it. Somebody said that it is not the smart people that make it in life it is bold, think about it. To everyone who had an encounter with God in the Bible God always told them “fear not” because fear kills, fear brings sicknesses and diseases, fear leads to untimely death.

Never think defeat in your life, it is impossible for you to fail if you believe it:

You can make it.
You can earn more money.
You can influence people and become rich.
You can do what your friends or worst enemies thought that you could never do.
You are powerful, you are awesome.
Do not think failure, think success.
Do not think defeat, think victory.
Do not think lack, think abundance.
It is well with your soul.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Riches And Wealth: Your Right To Be Rich

English: Old Henllan (7) A strange conjunction...
English: Old Henllan (7) A strange conjunction: the mid-C20 oil refinery glimpsed through the (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
To be rich is to have more than enough money and materials that you need to live a good and comfortable life. In this world money is what is used for the exchange of goods and services. it is convenient for everyone on earth to market his skill or talent for money and use the same for anything he needs. Man's needs are insatiable but most of the needs can easily be met if there is sufficient money in hand. Someone says, "Money rules the world" and I am tempted to agree with that. Although, money cannot answer all things but as this world stands today, money solves more than ninety percent of man's problems.

Money is neither good nor bad, it is just like a faithful servant that goes on errand for people. It gets you whatever you want and never fails to deliver, failure to get what you want only comes when you do not have sufficient money. This implies that a man must have means of getting rich in other to enjoy his life. There are so many ways of getting rich legally, anyone who wants a good life must learn the art of earning big. It is impossible to enjoy life and be satisfied without having sufficient money in the pocket.

Good news! You have the right to get rich, yes, you read that correctly. You have the right to get rich and live a good and comfortable life. The first step in becoming rich is to have this knowledge and believe it firmly that you have the right to become very rich. When you think or believe that riches is an exclusive right of some, you will never be rich. When you resign to fate that only a few have the right to be rich and not you, the initiative to become rich will not come to you. The creative ideas that create riches come to those who believe that they have the right to be rich. Those who believe that they have the right to be rich are opened to possibilities and opportunities.

The planet earth where we live is rich with abundant natural resources. There is so much abundance of materials and resources that keeps on increasing by the day. No matter how rich anybody is, he cannot own everything, and you can have as much as he has and even more. Opportunities on earth cannot be exhausted by a few people, anyone who is smart enough to believe in what I am promoting here can get his share of the world's wealth. Let me reiterate that resources on earth is rich enough to make everyone rich. Poverty does not come because of scarcity of materials or resources but because of lack of initiatives. The resources in Africa alone can feed the whole world and we will still not exhaust all.

What is this saying to you? There are too much resources to make anyone rich, too much opportunities that can transform any poor person to a very rich person in no time at all. This shows that everyone have the right to these riches and abundance. If the earth is rich, then as a member of the earth, you have equal right and access to the riches of the earth as much as any other person. The laws of most countries states that all citizens have equal rights and . This means that we all have equal rights and privileges on planet earth to access the riches of the earth. If this is the case, why are many people poor and few rich? The answer is simple, many people believe that they just don't have a right to be rich. Those who believe that they have right to be rich and take action based on their believe always end up being stupendously rich. Think about it.privileges

Friday, 12 August 2016

The Free World: Is Anything Free In This World?

Leaders of the Free World
Leaders of the Free World (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It is very natural and common for people to want to get things for free and live without any caution or discipline of law. People want freedom to do anything they like, and go anywhere they like. They hate to be told what to do and how to do things and this kind of attitude have led many to failure and sometimes to early grave. This is a childlike attitude, a child wants to eat sugar alone, but the adult helps the child to control his diet for a healthy living. Freedom is the ability to discipline yourself to do only those things that will help you to move forward in life.

There is one thing though about freedom, and that is the fact that it becomes something else when your freedom becomes a burden to other people. Any freedom you express that is causing headache to another person is not freedom at all, it is now an oppression of other people. When you use your freedom to earn and enjoy money to rob other people of their labour or hard earned money, you are not doing a good service to mankind. Freedom is freedom indeed when it does not infringe on other people's right. It is a free world for all, not just for you, consideration must be given to others.

Anyone who is considerate and respects the rights and freedom of other people can not but be very successful in all he does. You will become truly successful when you understand that real freedom is the freedom of those around you. The world's system is created by God to reward people according to what they do. Anyone who respects the rights and freedom of other people will do quality work that has more value than he is paid. Such people will always give more value than they are rewarded, they are out to help other people, they are happy only when they are able to make others happy. Everyone of us had received favour from people who had been before us. We were born helpless, parents and teachers helped us to a good start in life. The schools, churches, and even the civil society all helped us to become the person we are today. Hence we need to payback to our families, schools, churches and the society at large. This is real freedom. It is give and take, it is receiving and enjoying favour from others and ploughing back to people and society some of the things you have enjoyed freely. That is why in the real sense, nothing is free. You enjoyed some freebies, but when the time comes you payback one way or the other.

Let me tell you, those who understands the principles of payback are the ones that pay their taxes, pay their tithes to the church, help their parents at old age, and do things that moves their society forward. Those people who have the mentality of receiving everything free cannot go beyond a certain level of success. You have to understand that life does not just revolve around you, it also revolves around the other people. Hence, freedom is respecting other people, helping the week and giving them the very best you can. It is a free world, and what makes it really free is the point I have
just highlighted above.

God gave everyone of us freedom to choose whatever we desire. We are so free that everyone can decide his eternal destiny by accepting or rejecting Jesus Christ. Man have sinned and doomed for destruction. God planned salvation for mankind but is not enforcing it on anyone. The freedom is still there for a man to choose to accept Jesus as Lord and be saved or reject him and be condemned. As powerful as God is, He doesn't force His will on anyone, in fact, He respect your decision. Why is this so? God had put in place on earth certain laws that rewards or punish our actions. When we use our freedom rightly, we enjoy the reward; on the other hand when we use our freedom wrongly or use it to oppress or disturb other people we suffer the consequences.

Is anything free in this world? Hmm! The answer is no. It is a world of sowing and reaping, some call it cause and effect. You will certainly reap whatever you sow, and whatever cause you initiate will come back to you as an effect. The truth is this, whatever you are going through today is an effect that you caused sometimes back in your life. You will live long if you planted the cause of longevity early in your life and will become rich if you were able to sow the seed. The good news is this, nothing is ever too late.

Any effect you want can be caused from this very moment. There are things to do to get anything you want in your life. God made this life easy for man that there is nothing he truly desires that he cannot really get. It is a certainty that you will always get whatever you truly desire. The intensity of the desire will determine how soon you get it and in what quantity and quality. It is a free world, enjothe freedom, but respect other people's right.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

The Big Thing About Faith

English: Annie Lobert is the founder of Hooker...
English: Annie Lobert is the founder of Hookers for Jesus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Faith is believing that you will definitely get what you desire. A man of faith may not understand how it will happen, but he believes that somehow, it will. In fact, many times, you don't need to understand how it will happen. This is because many people get lost and discouraged in a bid to figure out how it will happen. This does not mean you should abandon every logical thinking; but it means as you try to figure it out and you still don't see the way out, you never stop believing that it will happen.

Faith works better when it rests on God and your own ability to get the job done. This implies that you believe that God is there helping you, and that you can do all things through Christ that helps you. It will not work if you believe that God will help you but don't believe in your own ability to turn things around. In the same way, if you believe in your own ability but do not believe in the help from above, you will fail woefully. This point is very important as man is given power to subdue the earth and have dominion over all the earth. This power is given by God and it is only wise for the man to recognize God, the Giver of this ability each time he exercises the dominion. When any man recognizes the source of his power and authority and acknowledges this, God increases his ability. Remember that God is the intelligent being behind the universe, He knows when you rely on Him and when you refuse to rely on Him.

One of the best things to do in exercising your faith is to focus your thoughts on what you are believing for. Jesus said in Mark 11:22, whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be removed and be cast into the sea, and shall not doubt in his heart but shall believe that those things he said shall come to pass he shall have whatsoever he says. The crucial thing is to believe with all your heart that you will definitely get the things you desired. when you believe with all your heart, you will think often about it until you begin to feel the joy of having the things you desired even before you get it in real life. When you begin to feel this joy of having what you desired, at that point, God moves the things and people around you to start helping you to achieve what you desired.

With this kind of faith, doubt is removed and there is no room for uncertainty. This is because as you think about the possibility of getting what you desired, fear runs away, and doubt cannot stay because you are certain that you will get what you desired in due time. What is the basis for this type of faith? The answer is simple, it is the word of God. The word of God promised us that nothing is impossible for anyone that believes. When you believe that God is with you, and that you can do all things, I assure you that all things and people will begin to directly or indirectly give way for you to have what you desired.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Why People Fail?

English: An anxious person
English: An anxious person (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One of the greatest causes of failure is not knowing what you want. You will be surprised if you ask one hundred people what they will do with one million dollars if they are given right now. The response of more than eighty of them will baffle you. They don't know what to do with the money because they have never desired or bargain to get such huge amount. Many others will want to do funny things that will make the money vanish in less than three months. A guy was introduced to me during my first week in South Africa, he needed help of small amount of money which I was glad to help with. This guy began to tell me how he had won about one million rand in lottery but became broke again in less than six months.

Let me tell you, no matter how much you inherited or win in a lottery, if you don't have a definite desire, vision or goal of action to increase the money, you will soon become broke again. The world is full of people who hit large sums of money but became very broke in less than one year. The problem is not having enough money to start up in life, the problem is having a proper focus and unchanging desire to get what you really want. We are living in a world where some who started life with less than five hundred dollars are managing to turn it over to millions of dollars in the next few years while others who started out with millions probably more than ten million are bankrupt within a few years. That is why I am telling you that the problem really is not money but the individual.

The first problem is anxiety. This happens when you are not sure you will get what you really desired. This is a state of mind where you begin to worry about getting what you desire. This worry is crippling and killing because it will destabilize your plan and bring confusion to your mind. In the midst of this confusion, you will loose hope of getting what you have set out to accomplish. The next thing that happens is fear, you will suddenly become afraid of facing the future and this brings to your mind negative emotion that creates the reality that you fear. Job said, the things I fear most has happened to me, see Job 3:25. What we fear always happen if we allow the fear to persist in our minds.

Let me reiterate my point, anxiety is caused by uncertainty that you will not get what you desired and this makes your heart to fear. And this will result into doubt. No man can succeed who doubts his own ability to succeed or excel. When you doubt that you can make it, it is almost sure that you will fail. Get rid of anxiety, fear and doubt otherwise, you will not go far in life, its painful to say that but its true. If you are already bound by the habit of being anxious or fearful, I am not a prophet of doom, but I can assure you that if you do not change, and drive away your fear, you will never make anything good out of life. I am sorry to be so blunt, but I am this way because I want it to get to you. I want to drive it home to your subconsciousness that anxiety, fear and doubt will lead you to failure no matter how much you pray.

This is the reason Paul admonished us in Philippians 4:8
"Finally, my brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."

It is not true that you can not get whatever you desired, because many people are getting their own and so can you. So stop thinking that you can not get what you desired or get what you hoped for, because that thought in your mind is not true. Bible says, you can do all things, that is God talking to you that you can do it, when your mind says, you cannot, it is lying to you. And remember, that bible passage above says, whatsoever things are true is what you must think about.

I have written many books, when I started out to write books, my mind told me, I could not do it, but I knew that was a lie. I simply refused to think on that. I went ahead to do my work and now close to twenty books are already written by me. You give power to any thought you focus on. When you think about anything, you are making the forces of life in you to establish those things you are thinking about, pure and simple. The more you think that you cannot do it, the more forces of life comes out of you to make you not to be able to do it, the opposite is true. When you think you can do it, and you allow the thought that you can do it persist in your mind. One way or the other, the forces of life in you will go through the universe to create means by which you can do what you believe you can.

Jesus, the greatest teacher taught us in Mark 11:23,24
"For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.   Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them."

Let me assure you that no matter how terrible a problem might be, if you confront it with faith that you will overcome, you will. There is no problem that came to mankind that had not moved mankind forward. Problems always creates opportunities that brings advancement to man. Any man that allows his problem to become his excuse is a real failure. Never allow problem to make you anxious or fearful, you need to know that however big the difficulties, you will overcome as long as you keep believing that you will. Everything we are enjoying today in technology is an answer to a problem. Don't allow your problem make you think that you cannot get what you desired, put anxiety out, fear and doubt will naturally die. believe in God, believe in yourself, and I tell you, sky will be too small to be a limit.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Secrets of Making Wealth

American business executive and philanthropist...
American business executive and philanthropist Julius Rosenwald (1882-1932) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
You have to realize the fact that if conscious effort and plan is not made, amassing great wealth is not possible in this world. If you don’t have any plan to make money, you will never be rich.

Important points to note: If you truly want to become wealthy, then it is advisable for you to note the following points.

Choose your friends with care, your friends’ matters. Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are, this is a very popular proverb which I love. Friends that you keep can influence your ability to make wealth.

Gifts will not (and cannot) make you wealthy. If you want to be wealthy, you must graduate from going to friends and family to beg for things in other to survive. Living on people will not make you wealthy, no matter how rich your benefactor is. Get out and work with your hand, get alone and allow divine ideas to flow, make use of these ideas that God is bringing to your mind.

Save money anytime you collect your salary or wages. The best way to get capital for your future business is to save money now, a minimum of 10% of your income is recommended. Your savings should be in a savings account or a fixed deposit account as the case may be. You have to resolve never to fall back on these savings for daily needs and expenditure, but see it as a savings meant for your future business. You only draw from it for business purposes, meaning for investment that will yield greater profit and make you more money.

Invest in shares of viable companies. Buying shares is a very powerful means of saving money in such a way that your money will be employed to work for you to make more money for you. Somebody said, “The rich doesn’t work for money but money works for him.” When you invest in viable shares, you are simply making you money to become your slave, working for you to make more money while you sleep and do almost nothing. Real wealth is having money to work for you while you have enough time to actually enjoy the money. Many Chief Executive Officers do have a lot of money but have no time to really enjoy their money. When you invest in shares, your money works for you while you make more money; you have enough time to enjoy it.

Venture into viable business. Salary or wages cannot make you rich; wealth comes from doing business and not from receiving salary. Doing your own business is the beginning of wealth creation. What type of business can you do to make you wealth? Any business that you love; that you are passionate about; that you are gifted in. Wealth is not a product of any particular business; it is a product of a man who is determined to make it. I have seen shoe makers fold up their businesses, as a result of bankruptcy, at the same time, some other shoe makers are making so much wealth that they became colossuses in this world. So it is not the business that brings wealth it is the man behind the business. It is true that the business is important, the man behind it is more important. There is no business under the sun that does not have the potentiality of making you a millionaire. Many are flocking to oil and gas, or telecommunications and some are making it, while some are failing. You are more important than the business; it is not the business that prospers it is the man behind it that makes it prosper.

Why Do Some Succeed And Others Fail?

If it is true that we are given the same power and no one has more power than the others, why is it that some are succeeding in life while others are failing in life. I have proved earlier that God's blessings on Adam, the first man is a blessing on the human race and since all of us were potentially in Adam when the blessing was released, it follows that the blessing is yours as well as mine.

This blessing is certain power in everyone of us. The power is used by us everyday, for many people, the power is used unconsciously. Nothing can be done without the use of this power, sometimes we use it consciously and we see the positive result, this power is within every human being and it procceeds from our minds, through our thinking. We can use it constructively or destructively, we can use it to build our life, health, wealth, promotion, good reputation, success, flamboyant family love life. Or we can use it to destroy our life, get poor health, poverty, stagnation, bad reputation, failure and family full of hatred. The same power that produces wealth in great men is what produces poverty in poor men. The Bible says in the book of Proverbs 4:23, "Keep your heart with all dilligence, for out of it flows the forces of life"

The forces of life are the forces that causes things to be or not to be, it comes from our hearts and minds. When we use the forces destructively we fail or get poor health, but in this same way, when we use this forces constructively, we get blessed with success and good health. Our thought directed positively can get us anything we desire. The forces brought about by our thought is strong enough to get anything we desire. Your thought is God's power inside you which if you use constructively will make you well and wealthy. The constructive use of the thought is to think positive irrespective of what you see or are going through.

The destructive use of your thought is to think negatively, loose hope, give up, think that you cannot do it, think that you cannot get well or live healthy, and you will be bound with doom to failure, poverty and untimely death. The reason the Bible say, "Let the weak say,'I am strong'" is for the weak not to focus on the weakness of his body but focus his mind on the strength that comes from GOd. Even when you are weak, when you think strength and speak strength, you will be supernaturally empowered to be strong, this is a never failing truth.

Whatever you want in life, good or bad, wealth or poverty, sickness or health, joy or sadness, the same power is available to bring it to be, and that power is brought to play by how you direct your thought. You have power to succeed, you have power to live in good health, you have power to become wealthy and influential on planet earth and the good news is that it is never too late or too early. You are never too old or too young to use this power. Another good news is that you can begin to use the power right now, you can begin to enjoy the good life right now by simply beginning to use this power constructively.

Another important point to note is this, to use the power constructively, you must know exactly what you want in life. You must know what you want out of life. You must be very definite and clear about what you desire, the clearer your desire, the easier it is for you to get it. Failure come when people begin to use their thought constructively without having a definite desire or specific desire. When you focus on one thing today, and another thing tomorrow, you will meet with a certain failure. Constructive thinking cannot work for a man who is wavering between many desires, to succeed your desire must be clear and single focused.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

How To Use The Power Within You

Every human being born on the planet earth have power that will enable him to get whatever he wants and enjoy this life for as long as he wants. This truth may baffle you, no human being has more power than the other, human life is the same, black or white. All human beings are created by God and are equally empowered by him to get whatever they want on planet earth. This is very clear when you study history of man and study nature. No man is more endowed than the other, when you see a man who is advancing more than his fello human being, you are looking at a man who has paid the prize.

Let me start by reminding you the beginning of man in the book of Genesis chapter 1. God made man after He had created all things that man would ever need to be successful and enjoy his gift of life from God. Remember that man was created last, his shelter was created first, then his food was created in different forms. Man was created and commissioned by God to live a full life devoid of stress and oppression of any form. We are told in the Bible that God bless man, meaning mankind because future men are potentially inside the first man.

If God blessed the first man and said to him, be
1. fruitful
2. and multiply
3. and replenish the earth
4. and subdue it (the earth)
5. and have dominion over everything on earth
then God is saying it to you and to me because we were all potentially inside the first man. It logically implies that if any man is given power to subdue the earth, you are that man. To understand what I am driving at, you should understand that God's word once spoken continues to abide forever. God does not change neither does His word. If He blessed the first man, it means He blessed the human race and that blessing exist forever. Remember that God's gifts and callings are without repentance, meaning that God does not take back any blessing or gift He gave out.

You will therefore agree with me that these five fold blessing that God gave to the first man is not only given to Adam but to human race of men and women black or white because we all invariably came from Adam. If the blessing is for mankind or human race, it means that the blessing is available to all. The blessing upon mankind is fivefold as stated in Genesis 1:28 which includes fruitfulness, multiplication, fill the earth or replenish it, subdue every opposition and challenges to his life and well being and of course to have dominion over all the earth. These blessings implies that every man can have whatsoever he desires. It means that nothing is created or permitted to put man under, because man has been blessed and empowered to subdue all things on the earth.

Poverty, sicknesses, diseases, and so on are forces on earth that God had blessed man to subdue or have dominion over. Any situation that bows a man or reduces him is an error which must be corrected because no matter how tough the situation is, there is power in every man to subdue it. Every man is given the same potential and power as others and no one is more endowed than the others. As mentioned earlier, any man who is advancing more than his fellows has discovered this secret power which many are obviously ignorant of. Let me make it abundantly clear to you, no one has accomplished any great success that you too cannot attain. No matter how high any man has gone on planet earth, you have the same power to do and even do better. This truth can not be over emphasized, man has not attained to perfection in any profession and so whatever feat a man has attained, others are coming up to outdo and out perform the ones we call the best today.

The point I am making is simple and clear, every man is given equal power, no one is better than the other and whatever success any man has attained, another man (which can be you) can do much better. In conclussion, know this and accept it as a divine truth that you have the power that any man on earth has ever had, you have the same potential as any man you considered the greatest. Think about this, If Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God can say, "The works that I do shall ye do, and greater works than these shall ye do because I go to the father" John 14:12. What then has any man done that can be an unbeatable record? If you desire anything that any man has ever done, you can do it, you have the same potential as any man. Believe it, accept it and begin to do something about it. The world is not looking for a man who seeks to beat a record but the one who seeks to make or create a record. You are that person, go out and shine, the world is waiting for you.