Thursday, 8 September 2016

How To Generate The Power To Do And Become (Part 2)

The next thing we are told to think about is honesty. He said we should think on anything that is honest. IF YOU THINK THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE POWER TO DO A JOB, YOU WILL BE SURPRISED THAT SOME WHO ARE MUCH WEAKER THAN YOU ARE GETTING THE JOB DONE. Why? How? They believe they could do it. When you think you cannot, you are not honest, because you can do all things. When you think that someone else have amassed all the wealth you could ever dream to achieve and there is nothing you can do, you are not being honest. This is true because no man can ever take your blessing, no man can ever take your position. True, your position at your work place may be given to someone else, but nobody can give your position in life to someone else. If a door closes, it is because God have a better door in mind, but he needs you to think the truth, and to think honestly about yourself that you can do it.

This world is full of opportunities, if one is lost, there are so many others. Now, to think miserably and negatively because of a lost opportunity is to be blinded to the honesty of God's ability to bless you. It is not an honest thought if you believe that anybody is better than you. Dishonest thoughts are the ones that believes that God love one person more than the other, it is false and eroneous for you to think that you can never do or become what any other man has done or become. There is nothing any man had done on the face of the earth that you cannot do, even better. To put down yourself or write yourself off is to be dishonest to the power and ability God gave to you. Stop thinking dishonest thoughts and you will be surprised how God will move you forward in life.

The next thing we are told to think about is whatsoever is just. I want you to understand that God is just and impatial. He equipped every man with the same ability and potential. If that is true, it is not just for one to be rich and other poor, but God is just. When you underestimate yourself and think that only a few people have a right to money but not you, that thought is unjust thought, God wants you to get rid of it in your mind today. If any man can do anything, you can, and if any man can become anything, you can too. It is only just if I can do and get whatever you can get without cheating or harming anyone in the process.

This also implies that you think about getting your wealth the honest and just way. You do not need to cause another person to weep because you want to get rich, You do not have to get rich in a fraudulent manner making others poorer, that is not just. Real wealth acquired the godly way always make everyone involved getting richer and happier. Any thought or plan for wealth that undermines, or steals from other human being is unjust and will sooner or later receive the punishment due. There are millions of things and businesses you can honestly do to amass great wealth justly and legitimately. Think on those honest and just businesses, works or jobs.

Pure and Lovely
The scriptures above also admonished us to think on whatsoever is pure and lovely. Some married people always think about their partners cheating on them. This thought about your spouse is not pure, and of course its not lovely. Any man thinking that his wife is having extra marital affairs with another man outside is not helping his marriage because, one way or the other those thoughts could find expression in reality. Some men get into affairs they never planned because their wives are thinking daily that they are doing it. You may not believe it but it is true. When you think everyday that your husband is cheating on you, one way or the other, if you do not stop those thoughts, they will become reality. That is how powerful our thoughts are, hence God says, think on pure things, think on lovely things.

It is also true of our children, when we refuse to trust them, doubting them and refusing to allow them freedom we are not helping them. We need to free our minds and think pure thoughts about our children. We need to think lovely thoughts about them, believing that God who helped us to overcome the temptations when we were of their age will also help them. If God helped you when you were younger then the same God will help them if you commit them to Him. So think pure and lovely thoughts about your spouse, children, business partners and everything around you and you shall be a step further in your quest for all round success in life.

I cannot fail to explain the danger of thinking impure thoughts about other people. Maybe someone is a co-worker and he seems to be doing well and favored by the authority, do not envy or think bad about him. When you think bad about someone because he is doing well, then you are creating roadblocks to your well being. The best way to excel in life is not to curse the competitors, or think evil of them, or embark on character deformation against them. What you think about good people have a way of coming back to you, that is the reason mentorees get the kinds of blessings their mentors possess. When you think well of those who are doing well, you will do well. Lovely thoughts are those thoughts that think good about other people whether you consider them your competitors or enemies.

Have you ever wondered why Jesus Christ our Lord commanded us to pray for our enemies? When you pray for your enemies, you do not have time to think evil against them. Thinking evil against progressive souls is a dangerous adventure, don't do it, ever. Do not think evil against religious leaders or openly speak ill of them, it is an act of ignorance, as you read this, make it a part of your lifestyle that you will never do it.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

How To Generate Power To Do And Become (Part 1)

The power in man to be and to do is located in his heart. This information is very important for you to note because when you know where the power in you is located, you simply focus on that area and use the power. No man can fail if he can use a small percentage of the power in him, because there is no single man on the face of the earth that is wired by God to fail. When you see a man that fail in life, recognize the fact that such a man did not use all the resources God gave him correctly.

You may say to me, "But, I tried all my best but I still did not make it. Yes, it may be true that you tried your best, you struggled, you worked, you even sweat but life seem to be unfair to you. Why is life that unfair to you? God must be partial? No, a million time no. God is not partial and sometimes, when it seems as if life is unfair, at that very moment and in that very situation of unfairness, an opportunity is hidden. You need to pray to God to see the hidden opportunity, because it is always there lying hidden at the back of every problem. When you struggle physically, and use all your physical strength to get the work done and you fail, it is because there are some things you are doing wrongly.

Success in life could not have been by strenght, otherwise, physically strong people could have been the richest. I have seen many strong, beautiful people fail while frail bodied individuals are getting richer. This tells you that success power is not located in man's physical strength, it must be somewhere else. This is because blind people are getting rich, meaning, it is not in physical vision. The power in man to get wealth is not in his physical eyes, crippled people are getting rich, employing able bodied people to work for them, meaning that the power to get wealth is not in your physical legs or connection. There are some who were born without hands and legs, and yet they not only become rich but famous and known around the world. If success and ability to get wealth is in the physical, these people could never have tasted wealth or success.

I dare to tell you what the bible says, "Its not by power, its not by might but by my Spirit, says the Lord." The power to do and become is located in your mind, so it doesnt matter how physically strong or weak you are, if you can draw that power out of your heart, you will be successful. Think about what I am trying to express here for a moment and you will agree with me that the power to become anything is in you. I watched a motivational speaker on TV, she was not speaking fluently because she had speech impediment and yet she was a motivational speaker. Wow! How could she? You couldn't even hear her well if you are not very attentive, but, she talked sense and I was blessed. She became successful at doing that what she loved, now she is very famous in South Africa. If a woman with speech impediment can become a successful motivational speaker, you too can become whatsoever you desire. This tells you that power to succeed as a preacher or motivational speaker is not in your oratory prowess but is in your mind.

You may want to argue, but I feel smarter in every area of life than some of my friends who seem to be more successful in life than me. Yes, it is true, but there is something they are doing with their minds that you are not, if you can begin today, your life will have a one hundred percent turn around. We are all given minds that have the very same potential to do and become. How far we go in life depends completely on how we use our minds and the thought we allow to persist therein. This is the greatest secret of power and success on the planet earth. You become what you think persistently. Generally, successful people think positive thoughts majority of the time while those who fail think negative thoughts most of the time. Negative thoughts begins when you doubt that things will go well. If anyone allows negative thought to overthrow his mind, failure will become his companion until he change his mind.

The thoughts that you allow to stay in your mind is one of the determining factor of success or failure. God loves you and so in the bible, he explain to us how to think and what to think about in other to be successful in life. In Philippians 4:8, we read,
Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest,whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure,whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue,if there be any praise, think on these things.
You can see that we are given what to think about from the bible passage above. We are to think on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, something of good report, things that contains virtue and praise. let me take these things one by one and explain to you the implication of this verse of the scripture.

We are commanded to think on whatsoever is true. Now the question is, what is the truth? Truth is constant, it does not change from age to age, it is the same everywhere in the world. The laws of the universe does not change with location and with age, for example, the law of gravity is the same in every age and generation since the world began. Physical and spiritual laws are truth, they work, they prevail against the temporary realities. The law of faith says that whatsoever you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive it and you shall have it, that is truth, it can never change with time and age. Your present condition is not the truth, because it can change at any time. Your present condition is a fact, a reality, subject to change since there is no condition that is permanent. Realities and facts changes so bible says think about the truth not the realities or the fact of your current condition.

Maybe, your current condition is a fact that you are broke and financially weak, don't think about it, when you think about it you give it power to oppress you more. Bible says you should think about the truth, and that is, instead of thinking, "I do not have money". Think, "God shall supply me the money I need." When you think about the solution to your problem rather than the problem, you are thinking about the truth. Bible says, "I can do all things through Christ that give me strength". During the time of weakness and stress, when you think not about your condition, but about the potential result of strength and health you can gain by believing, you will become strong. Stop thinking about realities, they are not the truth, start thinking about potentials, because these are more powerful than realities.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Why You Need To Succeed At All Cost

The scientist says that the observable universe is expanding everyday. The magnitude of the universe is mind blowing, but yet it is getting bigger. The purpose of God is for everything He created to increase, He said, be fruitful and multiply. He said this not only to man but every living thing that He made. Increase is a major factor of life, if you plant a tiny orange tree, it springs to life and start growing until the time it will bring forth fruits bearing millions of seeds that have the same potential to be another big tree. The cycle never ends.

Let nobody deceive you that scarcity is coming to the earth, and soon, food will be scarce and people will not have enough food. This is a great lie and it comes straight from the demon of poverty. The resources on the earth is vast, and increasing, we can't exhaust it. All of life is evolving to become better and bigger. When I was a kid, we could count the number of people who had TV in my area, right now almost every household have an average of two. The number of cell phones is increasing daily, motor vehicles are increasing in number that in some good countries, a cleaner can afford to buy his own car.

God wants everything He made to express itself fully. One of the ways you can best express yourself is to succeed. Anyone who does not succeed in his calling has not fully expressed all that he is capable of. If you are always angry as a result of your present condition, if you are always yearning for more, if you always get dissatified with your level, it is the power of success inside you crying for expression, and you need to do something about it.

Never get discouraged and give up because you think some people have conered all the blessing in your area of business. There is always room for new comers and old comers re-emergence. You are never too old or too young to do something to change your situation. Someone said to a sixty nine years old man that he was too old to enjoy all the money he is making. The old man looked, smiled and said, "The joy of making more money than you young, strong and able youth is enough for me" God is happy with you when you decide to maximize your potential and succeed. You are not created to be poor, neither are you created to fail in life. The life of God is in you and is always seeking to be more, to increase and to become better in everything. Allow that life to burst forth, and you will be successful.

Friday, 2 September 2016

What is Problem? Knowing What Problem Is And How To Solve It

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Problem is the very difficult situations and circumstances that we find ourselves and to which need urgent and desperate solution. When we struggle hard but failed to get the desired solution, then it becomes a real problem. Problems differ from one person to another, what one sees as a problem may be nothing but a child's play to another fellow. Problem is not just the difficulties of life but those difficulties to which we cannot find immediate solutions. While challenges are situations that we can overcome with some intelligent planning and actions, problems are often more difficult than those challenges. When a problem is easily solvable, it is still at the level of challenges, but when you have tried some of the popular ways of solving problems and you still have the situations in hand, then know that problem have set in.

Please understand that not every difficult situation can be called a problem, no mater how difficult the situation is, it is not a problem if you can find immediate solution to it. When the difficulties defile solutions and it seem as if it will not go away, then it is a problem, but I bet you every of such problems have a solution. There is no problem that does not have solution, even though it  is not so easy to get solution to some, God built the earth with some principles that make it possible for human beings to be able to find solution to every problem that he faces on the face of the earth. This is the reason man who couldn't deal with malaria fever before can now cure the disease easily now. HIV & AIDS that were threats to human longevity on earth are becoming easy to deal with. I want you to understand that whenever a problem defile solution, it is not the end of the world, with further planning and actions, you will get the solution.

There are certain principles that every man should know so we will not think that the end has come when we have problems and difficulties. Problems that plague man on this planet were not built to last for ever, that is why these two statements are true:

  • When the going gets tough, the tough gets going, and
  • Tough times never last but tough people do

I have seen it ones and again people getting out of tough situations; people overcoming very many impossible obstacles; I have seen people turning obstacles to miracles. Many really successful people on this planet have actually started out in life broke and without any god-father who could help them yet they succeeded. There must be a secret to life that if you know and keep, you will never end up in life as a failure no matter what difficulties you may ever face on this planet. Success or failure in life is not dependent upon the conditions of life you find yourself, it depends more on the way you handle it. Maybe I should take you back to some point in time on planet earth when people do not have access to some of these creative technology that is common to us today.

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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Whatever You Need Is Already Provided For On Earth

The creator of this earth, meaning our worlds is a very wise and intelligent being. He created everything once and for all, and sat down to watch his creation develop the world that he created for them for His own good pleasure. We are all alike, yet we are different, nobody is a carbon copy of the other, we are all so unique that nobody can do what God has sent us here to accomplish. The earth is full of different creatures and beings, living and non-living things; everything working together in harmony to keep the earth going. This implies that whatsoever you see on the planet is either a living or non-living thing.

God's wisdom in creating this world is glaring that every non-living thing was created to serve the living things, and some living things to serve other living things when their lives here expires. Some of the non-living things behave in certain ways that you may think that they are living so as to continue to help the living things live long and fulfill their mandate on earth.

All things are placed here by God to behave in certain ways to keep the earth from destruction. The scientists categorize all living things into two, namely, plants and animals. The world was created and perfected by God with excellence to the level that the world is on auto-pilot. This implies that the earth will continue to function what ever happens to anyone or anything because God has set up rules and laws that holds the earth and keep it moving no matter what. This is to say that the earth will continue to exist with or without anybody or anything for that matter. There are various laws of life that God intentionally placed on the earth to sustain it.

The laws are so effective that whatever you do is like a seed which you will harvest sometime in the future. I can say that the law of sowing and reaping is the bottom line of all other laws in this world, you cannot outsmart it forever. Apart from that, the Bible talks about times and seasons, In Genesis 8:22 we read that "While the earth remaineth, seed time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease." The concept of times and season gives us hope that during winter, we are not cast down for we know, soon or late, summer shall come.

The laws that rules and guides the earth or our world make us to be able to predict the outcome of each action taken by any creature. It is a spitiyual as well as a physical law that what you sow you will necessarily reap in multiple fold. This is going to help you to do certain things and expect with confidence that you will surely succeed. The laws are so perfect, they do not show any partiality.