Monday, 7 November 2016

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome On The Signs Of The End Time
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome On The Signs Of The End Time. In this video, Pastor Chris spoke about the end times and the reason everyone should give their live to Jesus Christ. The urgency of the coming of Christ is so imminent that preachers all over the world should preach about the love of Christ. If you are really serios about growing your ministry or business, this course was designed for you. Get 80% discount to this course which gives you a lifetime access to all the course modules. Clcik here now and start learning

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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Prophet T.B Joshua's Prophetic Word On South Africa
Prophet T.B Joshua's Prophetic Word On South Africa Prophet T.B Joshua is known worldwide for his accurate prophetic utterances. When he prophesy about any country, his prophecies are always coming to pass. This video is a recording of the regular Sunday Service held at SCOAN, Lagos, Nigeria and great miracles, signs and wonders took place and many people were delivered and blessed by God. Enjoy the video. Visit my training course on how to grow your ministry or business with internet facility and get a discount of 80% when you enroll now, just click

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Friday, 4 November 2016

My Youtube Money Course

Youtube is one of the wonders of the 21st century, it is the greatest online video company on planet earth. The platform created by youtube has helped countless number of people to become better fulfilled in life. The minds that created the youtube movement must be geniuses, because over the years, many people have earned millions from the youtube platform. The platform has helped many small businesses prosper, turned many individuals to a corporation of some sort.

You can see what people are earning per month by browsing through the website called I was surprised when I started learning to earn from youtube that some are actually earning thousands of dollars everyday through that platform. I shouted, you mean on daily basis? Yes, people are earning thousands of dollars on youtube on daily basis. These are not extra-ordinary guys, people like you and some, some less intelligent than you. It is not one or two or three people, but hundreds of people from all over the world.

In this course, I want to teach you how to make legitimate money from youtube. The platform is so organised that even if you want to get money through fraudulent means, you will soon be discovered and banned forever. Plus the fact that we don't want people who will come and destroy this beautiful platform that is putting food on the table of countless number of people.

The potential is endless, with thousands of regular people (like you and me) generating up to 7 figures from YouTube. It's time for you to join them...
This year 2016, the potential on YouTube is reaching it's peak as more and more people start to generate an income from their self-created videos. Whatever your passions and whoever you are, it's time to join the YouTube revolution...

Over 1 billion people watch YouTube videos - Yes, this right here is our potential audience and you're going to discover how to tap into them and gain a regular stream of targeted views.YouTube is a search engine - A lot of people forget this, but YouTube is in fact the second largest search engine online. You're going to learn how to take advantage of the search results to increase views and income.Top YouTube creators were found to be more popular than mainstream celebrities among US teenagers - The revolution is here, and leveraging the way people now react to YouTubers allow us have a huge influence over our subscribers.

How to take advantage of all possibilities Youtube advertising has to offer
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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Why Do Some Succeed And Others Fail?

If it is true that we are given the same power and no one has more power than the others, why is it that some are succeeding in life while others are failing in life. I have proved earlier that God's blessings on Adam, the first man is a blessing on the human race and since all of us were potentially in Adam when the blessing was released, it follows that the blessing is yours as well as mine.

This blessing is certain power in everyone of us. The power is used by us everyday, for many people, the power is used unconsciously. Nothing can be done without the use of this power, sometimes we use it consciously and we see the positive result, this power is within every human being and it procceeds from our minds, through our thinking. We can use it constructively or destructively, we can use it to build our life, health, wealth, promotion, good reputation, success, flambouyant family love life. Or we can use it to destroy our life, get poor health, poverty, stagnation, bad reputation, failure and family full of hatred. The same power that produces wealth in great men is what produces poverty in poor men. The Bible says in the book of Proverbs 4:23, "Keep your heart with all dilligence, for out of it flowsthe forces of life"

The forces of life are the forces that causes things to be or not to be, it comes from our hearts and minds. When we use the forces destructively we fail or get poor health, but in this same way, when we use this forces constructively, we get blessed with success and good health. Our thought directed positively can get us anything we desire. The forcesbrought about by our thought is strong enough to get anything wedesire. Your thought is God's power inside you which if you use constructively will make you well and wealthy. The constructive use of the thought is to think positive irrespective of what you see or are going through.

The destructive use of your thought is to think negatively, loose hope, give up, think that you cannot do it, think that you cannot get well or live healthy, and you will be bound with doom to failure, poverty and untimely death. The reason the Bible say, "Let the weak say,'I am strong'" is for the weak not to focus on the weakness of his body but focus his mind on the strength that comes from GOd. Even when you are weak, when you think strength and speak strength, you will be supernaturally empowered to be strong, this is a never failing truth.

Whatever you want in life, good or bad, wealth or poverty, sickness or health, joy or sadness, the same power is available to bring it to be, and that power is brought to play by how you direct your thought. You have power to succeed, you have power to live in good health, you have power to become wealthy and influential on planet earth and the good news is that it is never too late or too early. You are never too old or too young to use this power. Another good news is that you can begin to use the power right now, you can begin to enjoy the good life right now by simply beginning to use this power constructively. To learn more about personal power 

Another important point to note is this, to use the power constructively, you must know exactly what you want in life. You must know what you want out of life. You must be very definite and clear about what you desire, the clearer your desire, the easier it is for you to get it. Failure come when people begin to use their thought constructively without having a definite desire or specific desire. When you focus on one thing today, and another thing tomorrow, you will meet with a certain failure. Constructive thinking cannot work for a man who is wavering between many desires, to succeed your desire must be clear and single focused.

How To Use The Power Within You

Every human being born on the planet earth have power that will enable him to get whatever he wants and enjoy this life for as long as he wants. This truth may baffle you, no human being has more power than the other, human life is the same, black or white. All human beings are created by God and are equally empowered by him to get whatever they want on planet earth. This is very clear when you study history of man and study nature. No man is more endowed than the other, when you see a man who is advancing more than his fellow human being, you are looking at a man who has paid the prize.

Let me start by reminding you the beginning of man. In the book of Genesis chapter 1. God made man after He had created all things that man would ever need to be successful and enjoy his gift of life from God. Remember that man was created last, his shelter was created first, then his food was created in different forms. Man was created and commissioned by God to live a full life devoid of stress and oppression of any form. We are told in the Bible that God bless man, meaning mankind because future men are potentially inside the first man. To know about this topic 
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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Making Money With Blogger's Website

Blogger is one of the biggest blogging platforms on planet earth, it is owned by Google and if i am not mistaking, it is the second largest blogging platform on earth with wordpress being the first. Blogger is preferred to wordpress by more people these days because it gives people the freedom to make money through its platform without any restriction.

How Do You Make Money With Blogger?

As a blogging platform, you create and register a free blog or even website with blogger, you have a subdomain which becomes yours for life, it is an intellectual property with you as the copyright owner. You can also register your own domain and make your google blog to link to it making it look more professional.

You make money with affiliate products from any of the affiliate companies such as clickbank.

Websites are the platforms that showcases you, your ideas, business, information and everything you want the whole world to know and see about you.

This video show you how to create your own website without stress, the secrets behind creating a great looking site and how to do it yourself without stress. This is a training course which comes in series, make sure you follow the series in other to have a full knowledge of what the package is all about.

Watching this video without watching the other ones in the series will really not help you out completely, watching all the videos in the series is the only guarantee for a complete understanding.

The blogger platform is taught in this video as well as in all the series, we endeavor to teach you from start to finish of how to use the google's blogger to make and design a professional website and blog.