Welcome to my daily Broadcast.

Pastor Joseph Adenuga
Prevailing Church Of Christ, 
South Africa

This is a website that host all my daily audio broadcast meant to bless, inspire and motivate you to a life of continual success and increase on every side.

Most of the messages came to me as I was having my quiet time with God, so many people are calling and mailing me, thanking me for allowing God to use me to send them this messages.

I started this broadcast service about four years ago, precisely around February, 2013 when I send WhatsApp messages to a dear sister who was far away, then the thought came that I should send daily messages to members of the church I was pastoring then.

It started as a WhatsApp daily messages typed and sent on daily basis, with time, I began to send the messages as voice notes and the response was very encouraging. I then decided to document it as a monument that other generations of people all over the world can have access to it freely, hence this website was created for the sole purpose of broadcasting to people from all over the world.

If any or all of the messages has blessed you, please try as much as possible to rebroadcast it to your friends and loved ones. Also, I like you to consider donating to our PayPal account any amount you can afford to help keep the work going. You may want to be our financial partner donating on weekly, monthly or quarterly basis according to your ability.

Thanks so much for visiting this site and I pray that the blessings of God that makes rich and adds no sorrow shall be further imparted unto you in Jesus name.

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What is problem?

Problems are challenges that makes life difficult and unbearable for people. Problems bring sorrow and incapacitate people from doing and getting what they really desired. The world is full of problems and it seems as if there is no human being who does not have his or her own problems at one time or the other. Problems devastates, weakens, threatens, and sometimes kills its victims if timely and adequate solution is not in place.

Problems are serious and must be addressed rightly and timely because problems have the propensity to increase and multiply if they are not taken care of on time. Problems does not regard class and status of people, it comes to the high and the low, it infest both the bad people and the good. Some people thinks that been good will exempt them from problem in life, but reality soon set in to make everyone know that problems can come to anyone.

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